J E F T A  V A N  D I N T H E R


Amsterdam School of the Arts Modern Dance Department, 1999-2003
Kungsholmens gymnasium Stockholm; Englishspeaking department of Social Studies, 1996-1999


As It Empties Out, for 6 dancers

STUK Leuven (BE) May 14, 2016
Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL) April 20, 2016
Sadler’s Wells London (UK) October 1/2, 2015
Tanzwerkstatt Europa Munich (DE) July 29, 2015
Gessneralle, Zurich July 11/12, 2015
Julidans, Bellevue, Amstrerdam (NL) July 2/3, 2015
Dansens Hus Oslo (NO) March 12/13, 2015
PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE) March 13/14, 2015
Dansens Hus Stockholm (SE) December 5/6, 2014
CND Paris (FR) November 25/26, 2014
NEXT Festival BUDA Kortrijk (BE) November 21/22, 2014
Moving in November Festival Helsinki (FI) November 7/8, 2014
HAU2 Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (DE) October 24/25, 2014
Tanzquartier, Vienna (AT) October 17/18, 2014

Monument, choreography for the the video of Röyksopp and Robyn

Plateau Effect, for the Cullberg Ballet, with nine of the dancers from the company

Chassé Theater Breda (NL) April 7, 2016
Teatro Central Sevilla (IT) December 11/12, 2015
Hjalmar Bergmanteatern Örebro (SWE) December 3, 2015
Dampfzentrale Bern (CHE) October 22, 2015
Swedish Biennial for Perofrming Arts, Malmöoperan (SE) May 30/31, 2015
Teatro Minicipal Porto (P) May 16, 2015
Festspielhaus Bregenz April 24, 2015
Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE) March 6, 2015
MAC, Festival d’Automne, Paris (FR) December 5/6/7, 2013
Tanzquartier, Wien (AT) November 15/16, 2013
Teatr Wielki, Warsaw (PO) November 9, 2013
Storsjöteatern, Östersund (SE) October 16, 2013
Teatern, Gävle (SE) October 9, 2013
La manege de Reims, Reims (FR) October 2, 2013
Dansens Hus, Stockholm (SE) September 24, 2013
Tearto Sociale, Trento, (IT) September 5, 2013
Rabozaal, Julidans, Amsterdam (NL) July 11, 2013

THIS IS CONCRETE, a collaboration with choreographer and dancer Thiago Granato

Regionteatern Växjö (SWE) May 10/11/12, 2016
RAS Stavanger (NO) April 27, 2016
Palladium Malmö (SWE) April 13/14, 2016
Chassé Theater Breda (NL) April 9, 2016
SYNÆSTHESIA3 Tanzquartier Wien (AT) March 12, 2016
SIDance Seoul (ROK) October 10, 2015
Norrlandsoperan Umeå (SWE) September 29, 2015
BIPOD, Beirut April 15, 2015
LIAISON, Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Stockholm (SE) April 9/10, 2015
ICE HOT Oslo, Black Box Theater (NO) December 13, 2014
Le Centre Pompidou Paris (FR) November 14/15/16, 2014
Roma Europa Rome (IT) November 9, 2014
CND Paris (FR) December 4/5/6, 2013
Rotterdamse Schouwburg (NL) October 17, 2013
Theater Frasacti, Amsterdam (NL) September 20, 2013
Festival Latitudes Contemporaines, Lille (FR) June 13, 2013
Weld, Stockholm (SE) May 21/22/23, 2013
HAU Hebbel am Ufer 3, Berlin (DE) March 26/27/28, 2013
Inkonst, Malmö (SE) March 23, 2013
PACT Zollverein, Essen (DE) March 8/9, 2013
Made in Potsdam, fabrik Potsdam (DE) January 11/12, 2013
Panorama Festival, Rio de Janeiro (BR) November 7/8, 2012
Festival CDP, Sao Paulo (BR) November 1/2, 2012

MAKES PEOPLE TALK, a commission for three graduate students within the program An Evening with Tim Persent

Korzo, Den Haag (NL) January 26/27/28, 2012
Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL) April 13/14/15, 2012
Goudse Schouwburg, Gouda (NL) April 24, 2012
Kunstmin, Dordrecht (NL) April 26, 2012
Het Park, Hoorn (NL) May 9, 2012
Toneelschuur, Haarlem (NL) May 11/12, 2012
LAK theater, Leiden (NL) May 23, 2012
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL) May 24, 2012

GRIND, a collaboration with lighting designer Minna Tiikkainen and sound designer David Kiers

HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (DE) January 26/27/28, 2016
STUK Leuven (BE) November 25/26, 2015
SIDance Seoul (ROK) October 12, 2015
CC Maasmechelen (BE) April 28, 2015
Vooruit, Gent (BE) April 24/25, 2015
De Warande, Turnhout (BE) April 22, 2015
Espaces Pluriel, Pau (FR) March 26, 2015
Beursschouwburg Brussels (BE) February 7/8, 2015
Santiago a Mil, Santiago (CH) January 4/5/6/7, 2015
Mercat de les Flors, Barcelona (SP) November 29/30, 2014
Trafo, Budapest November 5, 2014
SAAL, Tallinn (E) August 22/23, 2014
ADC Geneva May 23, 2014
Le lieu Unique, Nantes (FR) April 8, 2014
Vila Flor Centre Cultural, Guimaraes, (P) February 14, 2014
Gessnerrallee, Zurich February 5/6, 2014
Dansehallerne, Copenhagen (DK) November 27/27, 2013
Melkweg, Amsterdam (NL) November 9, 2013
Dansen Hus, Oslo (NO) September 13/14, 2013
RAS Stavanger (NO) September 7, 2013
Helsinki Theatre Festival (FI) August 17/18, 2013
Tanzwerkstatt, Europa (DE) August 3, 2013
June Events, Paris (FR) June 8, 2013
TG2, Paris (FR) May 24/25, 2013
MAC Creteil, Paris (FR) April 12/13, 2013
Frascati, Amsterdam (NL) December 21/22, 2012
Chasse, Breda (NL) December 19, 2012
Jonge Harten Festival Groningen (NL) November 23/24, 2012
Moving in November Helsinki (FI) October 28, 2012
Nederlandse Dansdagen Maastricht (NL) October 5, 2012
Tanznacht / Tanz in August Berlin (DE) August 24/25, 2012
Impulstanz, Vienna (AT) July 13/15, 2012
Tanzquartier Vienna (AT) April 13/14, 2012
Frascati Amsterdam (NL) April 4/5, 2012
Hebbel am Ufer Berlin (DE) March 16/17, 2012
PACT Zollverein Essen (DE) March 2/3, 2012
Inkonst Malmö (SE) February 29, 2012
De Gouvernestraat Rotterdam (NL) February 23, 2012
Grand Theatre Groningen (NL) February 21, 2012
De NWE Vorst Tilburg (NL) February 16, 2012
Fabrik Potsdam (DE) January 12/13, 2012
Weld Stockholm (SE) December 15/16/17, 2011

THE WAY THINGS GO for Cullberg Ballet. A version of the performance from 2009 as repertory for the company.

Kulturhuset, Stockholm (SE) October 14/15, 2011
Dansstationen, Malmö (SE) April 3, 2012

THE BLANKET DANCE, a collaboration with Frederic Gies and DD Dorvillier, Produced by Frederic Gies, Jefta van Dinther/Sure Basic and DD Dorvillier / human future dance corps and co-produced by Frascati Productions / Amsterdam, HAU / Berlin, Tanzquartier / Wien

MDT, Stockholm (SE) October 11/12, 2011
HAU3, Berlin (DE) March 16/17/18, 2011
Tanzquartier, Vienna (AT) March 11/12, 2011
Frascati WG, Amsterdam (NL) February 16/17/18, 2011

KNEEDING, for three dancers, produced by Frascati Productions, Amsterdam:

Rethink Dance, Dansens Hus, Oslo (NO) February 16, 2013
Panorama Festival, Rio de Janeiro (BR) November 9/10, 2011
FCD, Sao Paulo November 5/6, 2011
FID, Belo Horizonte November 1/2, 2011
Podewil,, Tanz im August (DE) August 27, 2011
Sophiensaele, Berlin (DE) December 3/4, 2010
WELD, Stockholm (SE) November 24/25, 2010 Tanzquartier, Vienna (AT) April 16/17, 2010
Frascati WG, Amsterdam (NL) March 3/4/5/6, 2010

THE WAY THINGS GO, for five dancers, produced by LISA, Amsterdam and co-produced by Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon, PACT-Zollverein Essen and Frasacti Theater Amsterdam:

Frascati WG, Amsterdam (NL) November 25/26/27/28, 2009
Fabrik Potsdam, Potsdam (D) October 23/24, 2009
Grand Theatre, Groningen (NL) October 8, 2009
Premiere: Frascati, Amsterdam (NL) February 27/28, 2009
Preview: Fabre Museum, Montpellier November 19, 2008
Preview: CCN Montpellier October 8, 2008

IT’S IN THE AIR, a collaboration with Mette Ingvartsen. Co-produced by Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin (D), PACT-Zollverein, Essen (D), Kaaitheater, Brussel (BE):

Moving in November, Lume Media Center, Helsinki (FI) October 30/31, 2010
Festival d’automne, Cite Universitair, Paris (FR) October 7/8/9/11, 2010
Joint Adventures, Munich (DE) August 11, 2010
Dansand, Oostende (BE) July 1/2, 2010
Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE) March 18/19/20, 2010
Festival Antipod, Brest (FR) March 11/12/13, 2010
Mettre en Scene, Rennes (FR) November 12/13/14, 2009
Explore Festival Bucharest October 14/15, 2009
Gildi Saal, Tallinn August 21/22, 2009
Sommer Szene, Salzburg (AT) July 10/11 2009
Festival des 7 Collines, St Etienne (FR) July 7/8 2009
In-presentable, Madrid (ES) June 17/18 2009
Mousonturm, Hamburg (D) May 26/27, 2009
Vooruit, Gent (BE) March 10/11 2009
Archauz, Aarhus (DE) March 5/6/7, 2009
Brakke Grond, Amsterdam (NL) February 24/25, 2009
Tanzquartier, Vienna February 21, 2009
Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE) September 5/6, 2008
HAU2, Tanz im August, Berlin (D) August, 2008
Premiere: Pact-Zollverein, Essen (D) July 13/14, 2008

Breeding, Brains and Beauty, a collaboration with Jan Ritsema, Mette Ingvartsen, Sandra Iche and Bojana Cvejic:

Premiere: Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE) August 29/30, 2008
CCNM, Montpellier (FR) October 7, 2008

Final presentation in Gasthuis studio December 4, 2007


Premiere in Zagreb July 21, 2011

SEVEN THIRTY IN TIGHTS work-in-progress by Frederic Gies
Final presentation in Alexandria, Egypt May 12, 2011

PARTITUUR by Ivana Muller
Premiere in Utrecht (NL) March 2011

60 Minutes of Opportunism by Ivana Muller Premiere in Frascati Amsterdam October, 2010

SPACETIME a research by Frederic Gies:
Presentation in Zagreb Dance Center May 4, 2010



Workshop ”Synchronzing” in relation to the presentaton of As It Empties Out at Dansens Hus

School for New Dance Development, AHK, Amsterdam
Jury in the audition for SNDO 2014

Appointed Senior Lecturer and Artistic Director of the MA programme in Choreography
January 2012 – June 2014 at DOCH (University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm) –
Teaching and coaching regularly for both BA and MA programmes.

Festival Contemporâneo de Dança, Sao Paulo, Brazil
THIS IS CONCRETE Workshop 2012

Meg Stuart/Damaged Goods
At the audition for new creation 2012

SNDO, Amsterdam
BA in Choreography, Teaching a weeks workshop in relation to The Blanket Dance,

DOCH, Stockholm University of Dance
Choreography MA students. Teaching a 2-week workshop in relation to The Blanket Dance, March 2011.

Tanzquartier, Vienna
A 4-day workshop in relation to The Blanket Dance, March 2011.

DOCH, Stockholm University of Dance
Choreography MA students. Coaching student’s own work, 2010.

DOCH, Stockholm University of Dance
Dance department. A two-week workshop of sharing choreographic procedures and working methods in relation to the performance Kneeding, November 2010

The Blanket Dance workshop:
A workshop for professionals in the frame of festival Herbstleuchten, October 2010.

A 6 months research, education and production programme initiated by Xavier Le Roy in the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon ( and, July – December 2008.


A four day festival between 9-12 Aprill 2015 at Kulturhuset in Stockholm. With contributions by Myriam van Imschoot, Robyn, Tian Rotteveel, Cullberg Ballet / Eszter Salamon, Thiago Granato / Jefta van Dinther, Playdead, Artur Zmijenskij, Rodrigo Sobarzo.

Living Room Festival, Berlin
Curating a 4-day festival taking place in living rooms in Berlin, December 2011.

Living Room Festival, Berlin
Curating a 4 day festival taking place in living rooms in Berlin, December 2010.

In-Presentable 6M1L:
Curating festival In-Presentable in Madrid during July 2009, together with all the participants of 6M1L.

A 6 months research, education and production programme initiated by Xavier Le Roy in the Centre Chorégraphique National de Montpellier Languedoc Roussillon (www.6m1l.comand, July – December 2008.


Low Pieces by Xavier Le Roy
Festival In-Presentable Madrid (ES) June, 2009
Sadlers Wells, London (GB) November 27/28, 2010
Festival dAvignon (FR) July 19/20/21/23/24/25, 2011

Giant City by Mette Ingvartsen:
TQW, Vienna, (AT) April 23, 2010

Dance by Frederic Gies:
Kampnagel, Hamburg (DE) May 15/16, 2009

Why we love action by Mette Ingvartsen:
Uzes festival, Uzes (FR) June 19, 2008
Brakke Grondl, Amsterdam (NL) February 8/9, 2008
De Velinx, Tongeren (BE) November 24, 2007
STUK, Leuven (BE) November 22/23, 2007
Kaaitheater, Brussels (BE) June 20, 2007
Prato (IT) June 6/7, 2007
Hebbel Am Ufer 2, Berlin (D) April 27/28/29, 2007
Springdance Festival, Utrecht (NL) April 24/25, 2007
Tanz Quartier, Vienna (A) March 24/25, 2007
Kulturhus Aarhus (DK) March 20/21, 2007
PACT-Zollverein, Essen (D) March 16/17, 2007

While We Were Holding It Together by Ivana Muller:
Bucharest October 18, 2009
Ljubljana August 28, 2009
Barcelona March 18/19 2009
Glasgow February 14 2009
Porto (P) May 7, 2008
LOW-festival, Budapest (H) March 6/7, 2008
National Museum, Singapore February 22/23/24, 2008
Plaza Futura, Eindhoven  (NL) January 19, 2008
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam (NL) January 17/18, 2008
Vilette, Paris (FR) December 17/18, 2007
Breda (NL) December 15, 2007
Frascati, Amsterdam (NL) December 6/7/8/9 2007
Helsinki (F) October 29/30, 2007
Nederlands Dansdagen, Maastricht (NL) October 7, 2007
Gessnerallee, Zurich (CH) September 27/28, 2007
Kaaitheater, Brussel (BE) September 18, 2007
ImpulsTanz, Vienna (A) August 1/4, 2007
Bollwerk, Fribourg (CH) July 3/4, 2007
Springdance Festival, Utrecht (NL) April 21/22, 2007
Vooruit, Gent (BE) February 13/14, 2007
Frascati, Amsterdam (NL) December 9/10, 2006
Theater Kikker November 28/29, 2006
STUK, Leuven (BE) November 14/15/16/17, 2006
Schouwburg (NL) October 25/26, 2006
Sophiensaele, Berlin (D) October 19/20, 2006

to come by Mette Ingvartsen 2008:
Montys, Antwerpen (BE)

Le Brigettines, Brussels (BE)

PACT-Zollverein, Essen (D)
Svalegangen, Arhus (DK)
Klapstuk Festival: STUK, Leuven (B)
Polly Festival: Moderna Dansteatern, Stockholm (S)
Atalante, Göteborg (S)
Kaai Studios, Brussels (B)
Frascati Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
Nu Scandi Festival: Gildizaal, Talinn (E)
Festival 100 Dessus Dessous: Parc Vilette, Paris (FR)
Festival Centrifug: Palladium, Malmö (S)
Julidans Festival: Paradiso, Amsterdam (NL)
Festival Tanz im August: HAU2, Berlin (D)
Tramway Festival: Glasgow (UK)
Oktoberdans Festival: BIT Teatergarasjen, Bergen (NO)
Kaaitheater, Brussels (B)
De Velinx, Tongeren (B)

DISCOPOLIS by Pere Faura 2007:

Gasthuis, Amsterdam (NL)

Comedy for Particular Universes by Inara Salmivaara 2006:

Spring Dance Festival, Utrecht (NL)

Verkade Fabriek, den Bosch

Faceless by Keren Levi 2006:

Grand Theater, Groningen (NL)
Frascati, Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam (NL)
FOAM, Amsterdam (NL)
Festival Reparage, Lyon (FR)

Territory by Keren Levi 2004:

Grand theater, Groningen (NL)
Melkweg Theater, Amsterdam (NL)
Korzo theater, den Haag (NL)
Theater Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam (NL)
Plaza Futura, Eindhoven (NL)
Odeon, Zwolle (NL)
Kunstmin, Dordrecht (NL)
Witte theater, Ijmuiden (NL)
Chasse, Breda (NL)
Bellevue, Amsterdam (NL)
De Harmonie, Leeuwarden (NL)
Schouwburg, Arnhem (NL)
Almeerse Theaters, Almere (NL)
LAKtheater, Leiden (NL)

Pheonix by Martin Butler 2004

Les Indes Galantes by Leine&Roebana 2004

Sporen by Leine&Roebana 2003

Turings Tiigers by Leine&Roebana 2003


BIBAP by Carolien Hermans, Dancefilm produced by NPS screened on NPS, Dutch television.


The Birgit Cullberg Grant 100 000 Swedish Crowns – 2012

Choreographers Venture Impulstanz, Vienna 2005: Robert Steijn and Frans Poelstra: We want to be different, so don’t project your fantasies on us.

DanceWEB Europe Impulstanz, Vienna, 2004: David Zambrano, Mathilde Monnier, Frans Poelstra, Robert Steijn, Martin Kilvady, Mark Lorimer, Boris Charmatz, Isabel Ginot.