by Jefta van Dinther for Cullbergbaletten

Protagonist is a contemplation on mankind. Songs of revolution and dances of evolution tell a tale of how people congregate, take on and are given roles. All the while instinct, resistance and compulsion become evidence of the battle each and every individual is fighting. Struggling to belong, in search for a common meaning or belief, a community takes shape. Protagonist is a parable about care, kinship and alliance as well as isolation, control and estrangement.

Choreography, direction: Jefta van Dinther | Created together with and performed by: Adam Schütt, Alexandra Campbell, Anand Bolder, Daniel Sjökvist, Eleanor Campbell, Eszter Czédulás, Eva Mohn, Gesine Moog, Jac Carlsson, Katie Jacobson, Linda Adami, Samuel Draper, Unn Faleide, Vincent Van der Plas, Tiran Willems | Music and sound design: David Kiers | Vocals: ELIAS | Lighting design: Minna Tiikkainen | Set design: SIMKA | Costume assistant: Marita Tjernström | Text: Jefta van Dinther | Assistant choreographer: Thiago Granato | Rehearsal director: Thomas Zamolo | Artistic advice: Cecilia Roos, Felix Bethge and Robert Steijn

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