Research for a new project at WELD in Stockholm

Jefta will start a first research phase on a new project during a residency at WELD in Stockholm. The project is an artistic collaboration between light-designer Minna Tiikkainen and himself, and will research on the interaction between light and body: on the movements that this interaction generates and/or seems to generate. In the project they search for assemblages of perceptive/sensorial effects that take place in a body’s relation to light, which border on the invisible, intangible and unintelligible. What exactly a viewer experiences – be it light or body – is not so clear, nor very important. Instead, they look for a fusing of the elements, creating situations in which light and body concretely start to interact, and where one becomes indistinguishable from the other. Alongside this “co-existence” runs the subject of productivity as an expression. A performance as machine. An active working place where events are produced, and where a causal production is tacit. But where at a closer scrutiny, the machinery, including all the preparation and surplus expression, is a creation of productivity itself. Where in fact every moment is an orchestrated choreography.