Workshop together with DD Dorvillier and Frederic Gies at Fabrik Potsdam

DD Dorvillier, Frederic Gies and Jefta van Dinther will be teaching a workshop at Fabrik Potsdam in the context of festival Herbstleuchten. The workshop is a parallel development of The Blanket Dance, a work that focuses on the non-linguistic power of touch in order to highlight it as a primary means of producing sense in the world. In the workshop they will teach physical practices that are used in the making of the piece with the same name (premiere February 2011). The practices from The Blanket Dance continue the formulation of aesthetic, social, emotional and philosophical questions and propose expanded ways of developing physical awareness and critical thinking through the senses, in particular through the sense of touch. The workshop is a means of sharing work with audiences and colleagues, proposing physical practices not only as training for the body, but as a frame for discourse on the subject of touch, society, dance and art.